We ensure our products meet pharmaceutical-grade standards.

100% Natural, Tested And Analysed CBD Products
Plant Power

No CBD product gets listed on this website unless it is of the best quality. That means it needs to be as organic and natural as possible so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you have purchased a premium CBD product.

Only The Best Products

The hemp that is used in the CBD products we list is not only 100% natural however is likewise selectively reproduced to offer a high level of CBD. This helps guarantee the quality of the products on our website.

Laboratory Tested For Purity

All of the CBD oil featured on our website is lab evaluated in laboratories in Switzerland. We test for CBD content, cannabinoids and possible impurities to guarantee both security and quality. Only the very best products are included on our website.

What Is The Legal Status Of CBD?

The European level of THC in a product, for it to be legal, is 0.2%. All of the CBD products which are included on our website are within this range.

A CBD Primer

CBD is just among a number of the cannabinoids present in cannabis. It is much more prevalent in hemp, whilst THC is found in much greater concentrations in marijuana.

There are over a hundred different cannabinoids which can be found in the hemp plant. These substances are likewise found in the human body. They have the capability to activate cannabinoid receptors that modify neurotransmitters in our brains, referred to as the endocannabinoid system. This is a system which is accountable for helping to manage homeostasis in the body.

The brain receives chemical messages which inform it how to manage our system. CBD plays a crucial function in this, promoting receptors to either increase or decrease activity as needed. The endocannabinoid system is constantly working away in the background helping to keep your body regulated.

THC Explained

THC is the cannabinoid most strongly present in cannabis. It has psychedelic properties impacting the mind and modifying the cerebral rhythm. THC is considered as a narcotic, a cannabis flower including more than 1% THC is unlawful. THC exists at a rate of less than 0.2% in our CBD products.

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